So great to see the Wonder Girls slowly come back (: Yeeun was always an amazing singer and composer…

Ain’t Nobody - HA:TFELT

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Sometimes, its about taking advantage of the opportunities that are in front of you. We aren’t in the same society where women couldn’t go to college or vote. We have a chance now, so you do have to lean in and take it. Don’t let people say “You only got the internship because you’re a woman.” or “You only got into X college because you’re a woman, and they need more women in engineering.” Don’t let them define who you are.

Yes, take the opportunities, to learn, to grow, to become a smarter individual. But you aren’t defined by your opportunities anymore. You’re just as smart as any individual out there, and we’re all going to prove it.

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Granada, Spain | Venty Fitriany Nurunisa


Granada, Spain | Venty Fitriany Nurunisa

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I wish I wish, with all my heart, this never happened. Please, God, I’ve never felt this torn in my life. Why.

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D’aww look at us (; #hackMIT #notalltheteamthough

D’aww look at us (; #hackMIT #notalltheteamthough

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Tell me what you really want from me. Point blank. No discussion. Close mouth, close mouth. I’ll give it to you no interruption.

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Kina, the most beautiful inside and out <3

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Hi, I'm Jennifer.
19. MIT '17
Sleepless coding enthusiast.